Steven Ross Jahn

The Talent Behind Pro Sound Demos

Steven Ross Jahn the Talent Behind Pro Sound Demos
The man behind the music -

Steven Ross Jahn is the multi-talented vocalist, musician, songwriter and publisher behind Pro Sound Demos.  For over 30 years, Steven's vocal and musical talent has been showcased on radio, TV and in live concerts.  Most recently, Steven has performed in the renown Stars of the Stage country music tribute show which is put on by Dreamway Entertainment, Inc.  During the show he performs as Toby Keith, Charlie Rich, Ronnie Milsap and other country & western legends.  Steven has written and recorded hundreds of songs, many of which are on five of his current albums.  Steven's most recent album "Christmas is My Favorite Time of Year" has received considerable air-play all over the country, including Michigan, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Ohio. Steven currently has albums released in the United States and the Western Pacific.
Steven Ross Jahn's CD On the Shelf
Steven at Tower Records

A favorable beginning -
Steven started singing and playing at an early age with his family’s amateur gospel group in Flint, Michigan. By the age of 12, Steven had captured the art of playing his father's Gibson acoustic guitar and began writing his own songs. After years of training his voice and lead singing in numerous bands during the 70’s and early 80’s, he headed to South Texas where he competed in the McAllen Texas Star Search Competition in 1985.  After placing in the male vocalist category, Steven placed 2nd overall in the final round.  He still received many offers, including television appearances on Trinity Broadcasting Network telethons, in addition to other television and radio commercials.  He eventually landed a recording contract in Nashville with an independent record label, featuring the release of "Santa Bring My Daddy Home". Steven's popularity is consistently on the rise and his albums can be found in Tower Records stores worldwide.

The edge you need!
With the talent to write, sing and arrange your demo, Pro Sound Demos is guaranteed to make your demo sound its very best.  This will give you an edge over the competition when the publishers and labels listen to it utilizing every advantage you can get in this fast moving industry.

And now -
This winter Steven Ross Jahn is due to release his highly anticipated gospel album "My Incorruptible Crown".  His current music is being played and pitched by his publicists, and his fan base continues to grow each year.

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