Professional Song Demo Recordings

We turn your "diamond in the rough" into a polished jewel!

Here at Pro Sound Demos we specialize in sound demo recording and we know firsthand that it’s a jungle out there!
You have poured blood, sweat and tears into your song. You are ready to record a demo CD and you want to make sure that it gets all the attention it deserves when you pitch it to publishers and record labels. The reality is that these publishers and record labels listen to dozens of songs every day. You only get a few seconds to make a lasting impression. How can you grab their attention quickly so they'll listen to your whole track? How can you make sure they hear the real potential of your demo? If you need help with any part of your music demo, and want to stay within a lower price range, Pro Sound Demos produces high quality songs; some of which have been air played on the radio and have been accepted by radio program directors in many parts of the country. We want you to feel confident when it comes time to pitch your song!

Let Pro Sound Demos, professional recording studio, create the best first impression for you. If the vocal for a demo is what you need our exclusive singer and songwriter Steven Ross Jahn has over 30 years of performing experience, and we will bring out the potential in your song - guaranteed. Pro Sound Demos produces the highest quality song demo recordings outside of Nashville Tennessee and offers the best value anywhere. With our industry contacts, we can even help you pitch your songs to publishers, labels and radio program directors.

We can get your song produced and mastered for just $499 - You might be wondering how we can possibly do this.
Its simple really. Since we do everything in-house including overdubbing each instrumental track, layering all the vocal tracks and digitally mastering every song we can offer you the best value package out there. You will even get a free soundtrack of your song with or without Steven's lead vocal. Let us know in advance and we'll even include a customized disc with other tracks removed so you or your band can sing and play along.

Pro Sound Demos offers the best quality at the most competitive prices!
For only $499, you will get a full music arrangement that includes Steven Ross Jahn on vocals if desired and instrumentation such as, bass, drums & percussion, strings, keyboards or piano, acoustic guitar, lead guitar and up to 3 backup vocal tracks. If more than 3 backup vocals are needed we can fulfill your needs for a small additional cost. We offer the fullest sound you will get anywhere at such an affordable rate!

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